Covid-19: Makeup Artists Rebound Guide

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The beauty industry has entered a new era with the crisis of Covid-19 and its constant threat looming over our heads. Our income has come to a halt leaving us with many questions as to the future of our livelihood and with  leaders of the industry being conspicuously quiet, the future of makeup artistry may seem bleak. However, I am confident there is still hope for our profession. The industry has survived many crises and it will overcome this one too. As we wait for a cure for the Coronavirus it is imperative you start practicing strict hygiene and sanitation procedures before, during and after servicing a client. I have produced a comprehensive guide of sanitation processes you can download here.   

In these unprecedented times as a makeup artist whether you work on location sets, studio, salon or spa it's imperative for your business that your clients feel safe and confident to receive your services. Although there are some great sanitization products and processes I have mentioned on the link above to help you reduce cross contamination and transmission of viruses and microbes, the procedure is labour intensive and time consuming. As such it does limit you on how many clients you can book at one time. One of the biggest challenges you will face as a makeup artist is sanitization between clients. When you have to do so many people at shows, sets and bridal parties; you are restricted for time and sanitization can be compromised. Realistically, you will have limited time to scrape every pot, wipe down every palette and spray every brush - which are best sanitized when washed - unless you use multiple brush sets. With all these challenges, is being a makeup artist commercially viable in the near future? The short answer is no; Traditional makeup art is not going to be as lucrative as before but Airbrush Makeup definitely yes!

To those of you who are not familiar with Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is a method of applying liquid makeup through an air compressor system. Water or silicon based liquid makeup such as Foundation, Blusher, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and Lip Colors are poured into a small container on the airbrush pen and evenly sprayed to land on the face as a fine mist giving a lightweight and flawless finish.  

Advantages of Using Airbrush Makeup


Contrary to traditional Makeup, which is applied with brushes, fingers etc, Airbrush Makeup is applied with just one tool: the airbrush system as seen above. All makeup - with the exception of mascara & glitter - is added to the cup of the pen/gun and sprayed onto the skin from a distanceof 4-6 inches away from the face. This means NO CONTACT between the Airbrush gun and the face.


Cross contamination is likely to happen when using brushes for powder products, such as Eyeshadows and Blusher, which you cannot transfer to a cosmetic palette but you are most likely to use directly from the container. Although, there are some good quick drying alcohol based cleaners you can spray them with, you are still dipping brushes after using it on the face. With Airbrush the products are added from a sanitised bottle container straight to the cup. There is zero cross contamination in the process. Viral or Microbial transmission is also greatly reduced as the products are less exposed and you would be applying the makeup at a distance of 6 inches from the client's face. This as well as using face masks and gloves would greatly reduce cross contamination.


You can achieve full, flawless HD camera ready coverage with just 8-10 drops of Airbrush foundation and only up to 2-3 drops for other colors such as blusher. Airbrush makeup has a staying power of up to 16 hours without the need for touch-ups. With care to avoid spillage and wastage, Airbrush makeup is cost-effective giving you a good return on your investment.


- Full coverage without it looking cakey

- Hides blemish scars even tattoos much better than traditional makeup.

‘Baking’ goes out of the window! You can achieve dewy or matt finish without using different products.

- Airbrush makeup is sweat and tear-resistant and the silicone-based ones are waterproof. As it is none-transferable it is loved and preferred by brides, fashion Designers and producers.


Imagine cutting down the time it takes you to conceal, blend, contour, highlight, bake by half, with no need for touch-ups! Pretty good right? The process can take as little as 30 minutes for a full-face application.

It is safe to say that Airbrush Makeup is the future of the Makeup industry. I have been using and teaching Airbrush Makeup artistry for the last 12 years. There are many Airbrush Makeup brands to choose from and companies such as Dinair and Temptu have been around since the 1980s.

Click here to the best Airbrush makeup brands.

About the author: Hellen Gooden

Hellen Gooden is the founder of Bellviso Global, a Permanent Makeup and Airbrush Makeup academy. Her career started with MAC cosmetics when it first launched in Harvey Nichols department store in London, England. She has developed and taught AirBrush Makeup modules for education institutes in London, England. She has also collaborated with MAC to train Makeup artists who were looking to upgrade their skills in their training facility which was at that time located in High Street Kensington, London.

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