We are offering flexible financing options that do not affect your credit score. Our financing option has a very high approval rate. However, everyone must meet the requirements listed below. 


  • Must have consistent income for the last 3 months

  • No bounced checks or non-sufficient funds activity

  • Must have a valid drivers license

  • Must have a valid bank account

  • Down payments range between $360 - $1,050 depending on which program your enrolled in as well as the payment plan you choose.

Some of the benefits of choosing our financing option:

  • No credit check required / affect on your credit

  • Up to $3,500 in financing

  • 90 Day Payoff – NO INTEREST

  • 9% – 15% max rate

  • 6, 9, and 12 month payoff plans


If you have any questions or concerns please contact our enrollment specialist at 248-453-9196

Please fill out the form below to get the process started. One of our team members will contact you within 24 - 48hrs.