About Bellviso Global Academy


If you want to learn from the BEST permanent makeup academy in Michigan you’re in the right place! PMU can be a highly profitable and fulfilling career — but you need more than top-notch skills to get started. You need the confidence to work with real people. 


No one wants an ER doctor with no hands-on experience, so why choose beginner PMU training or online training with no hands-on experience with actual people? When you’re working on clients you better know what you’re doing.

At Bellviso Global Academy, we’re focused on your success. With 20+ years of combined experience teaching beauty skills, we know the key to success is CONFIDENCE. Our hands-on approach will give you the skills, techniques, and knowledge to confidently take clients.


As a student of Bellviso Global Academy, you won’t just get technique training, you’ll learn the basics of marketing, branding, and starting your business too. Plus, you’ll be joining a collective of supportive PMU artists. Become a member of our exclusive students-only Facebook group, so you can get help even after your training ends. 

Experience is what sets us apart from the rest. So we’d like to introduce you to our international brow queen...


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Hellen Gooden got her start in the beauty industry at age 17. Since then she’s worked all over the world with some of the biggest names in the game like MAC, Estée Laude, and La Mer. While living in London she began teaching at Westminster College. There she discovered a love of instruction and helping others find fulfilling careers in the beauty industry. In 2009 she took her passion for teaching beauty and founded Bellviso Global, an internationally recognized beauty academy. 

Always looking to add to her skillset, Hellen first got into permanent makeup in 2016. She quickly realized that PMU was everything she’d been looking for. Not only was she helping women feel radiant, but she also loved the freedom that came with being her own boss. After years of working for other people, all of a sudden she was able to make her own schedule and take time off whenever she wanted. And since PMU is a premium service, she began earning $150 - 200 per hour!

Hellen’s services were highly sought after because her work looked so natural. With hundreds of clients passing through her chair, she perfected her Microblading technique but knew she could do more. She saw a need in the industry for small, hands-on PMU training courses. So with her background in education and expert skills, she began teaching Microblading classes. It didn’t take long for Hellen to become known as a top-notch instructor thanks to all her successful students.

Since then, she’s helped hundreds of artists learn the skills they need to get started in the booming PMU industry. Ready to change your life? We’ll give you the skills and confidence you need to work on real clients, so you can start making money right away. Click below to begin your PMU artist’s journey.