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About Bellviso Global Academy

If you want to learn from the BEST permanent makeup academy in Michigan you’re in the right place! PMU can be a highly profitable and fulfilling career — but you need more than top-notch skills to get started. You need the confidence to work with real people. 


No one wants an ER doctor with no hands-on experience, so why choose beginner PMU training or online training with no hands-on experience with actual people? When you’re working on clients you better know what you’re doing.

At Bellviso Global Academy, we’re focused on your success. With 20+ years of combined experience teaching beauty skills, we know the key to success is CONFIDENCE. Our hands-on approach will give you the skills, techniques, and knowledge to confidently take clients.


As a student of Bellviso Global Academy, you won’t just get technique training, you’ll learn the basics of marketing, branding, and starting your business too. Plus, you’ll be joining a collective of supportive PMU artists. Become a member of our exclusive students-only Facebook group, so you can get help and support throughout your entire career!

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