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Bellviso Global is a recognized Airbrush Makeup and Permanent Makeup academy and service provider that has launched the career of many professional Makeup artists and Pmus’ in different countries. Known for our relentless drive to push our students for success we set precedence for our students to follow. In the same manner we have created our courses to be unique and expedient. To maintain high standards, we provide limited space classes where our students enjoy learning and practicing new skills with expert attentive guidance. This ensures that every student who attends our courses has a more personalized and thorough training from our tutors. 


Founded in 2009 in London England, Bellviso Global’s reputation is built on Hellen Gooden’s 20 plus years experience in the beauty industry and the exceptional business acumen of #Emanuel Ghebreyesus, our business director. We have established our company’s motto based on their shared value for excellence.


Our Expertise is Your Guarantee!  


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