2 - Day Microblading & Shading Class + Live Virtual Class

 We are committed to providing a comprehensive training program that sets our students up for success. In class, you will learn the theory and practice of Microblading & Shading. You will be able to confidently take on clients and have peace of mind knowing we are here to support you even after your training is complete.


One of the most exciting parts of learning with BellViso Global is your Professional Kit! You will be provided with a professional kit as well as a training manual packed with all the essentials and info you'll need to know.




Measuring Ruler
Eyebrow Shavers
Practice Skins
Micro Swabs 
Alcohol Pads 
Mapping Tools
Client Consultation Material
Aftercare Guide Material
Sketch Pads
Training Manual
Microblading Blades
Shading Needles
Mascara Wands
Pigment Rings
Hand Tool
Numbing Cream 
Tattoo Film 


Theory of Microblading
✔Manual Shading Technique
Skin Anatomy
Color Theory
Facial Shapes
Brow Designs
Skin Disorders
Knowing Your Tools 
Marketing Fundamentals
Client Consultations
Blood-Borne Pathogens
Hygiene & Sanitation
Health & Safety
The Healing Process
Pre & Post-Procedure
Best Practices


Do I need to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist?

No previous license or training is needed we welcome everyone! We have taught many different students from various backgrounds.

How much can I earn as a Permanent Make Up Artist?

The average rate for Ombre Powder / Microblading is between $400 - $600. If you work part time just doing two clients a week at $400 thats an extra $3200 a month! Once you're experienced you can increase your rate and the more clients you do the more referrals you will receive. This is how a lot of our students have transitioned into doing this full time. Just doing 2 clients a day working 4 days a week is $12,800 a month. The costs of supplies are not very high on average you will spend about $20 - $40 per client in supplies. Which means offering permanent make up services is very profitable.

How do I get started?

Fill out the form below and make a deposit of $500 this will reserve your seat in class. Once your payment is made you will receive a "next steps" email from the program manager to help you get prepared!

Can I learn this without any previous experience?

Yes! Thats the great thing about this industry you don't need to spend tons of money or years of schooling to get started. We teach you the foundational concepts and give you hands on practice working on real person. However once your trained you will need to keep practicing on synthetic skin to keep yourself sharp! When you take our classes we also give you a manual called the "Roadmap To Success" that gives you a guide on the steps to start your business or add permanent make up skills to your existing business. We also will include you in our private group which will allow you to ask any technical questions you have and also get feedback on the progress your making.

Am I able to work for home doing this?

Some counties allow you to work from home with the right permit. There are different requirements depending on the county. You would need to check the county regulations.

Do you provide models?

No we do not provide models unless you're from out of state(must provide proof). By bringing your own model this will help promote your business and get the word out there that you're offering permanent make up services.

I have a question that wasn't answered here.

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